26 Dec

Cremation Urns: A Guide to Selection »

Cremation services offer many advantages, and one of them is the uniqueness available in cremation urns.

22 Dec

Considerations for an Open Casket vs. a Closed Casket »

When you’re planning a viewing, family visitation and/or funeral service, you will need to decide whether you would like an open casket or a closed casket.

19 Dec

Dealing with Death During the Holidays »

When we think of the holidays, most of us remember time spent with family, making memories and enjoying the season.

16 Dec

Sending Comfort with a Holiday Sympathy Message »

Sending a sympathy message to someone who has lost a loved one is very natural in the days surrounding the funeral.

21 Nov

Cremated Remains – Regulations »

Different states have different rules and regulations that govern the scattering of the cremated remains.

07 Nov

After the Funeral Arrangements – 10 Ways to Help »

The death of a family member can cause tremendous distress in a family.

24 Oct

All About Tharp Funeral Home »

For families in Central Virginia, Tharp Funeral Home has been the funeral provider of choice for over 80 years.

10 Oct

4 Healthy Ways of Dealing with Death »

Dealing with death can be extremely stressful and can place a strain on your health and your family relationships. Here are a few ways you can grieve in a healthy manner.

27 Sep

Funeral and Cremation Planning in Lynchburg, VA »

Nestled next to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia, Lynchburg is a growing town with a long history.

20 Sep

Expressing Sympathy After the Funeral Service is Over »

The funeral service is just one of the initial steps of dealing with the death of a loved one, and those who are grieving may still be in a state of shock.